A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


In this visual novel, Ruby Rose is the long-lost princess of the Kingdom of Vale, and heir to the titular Summer Rose Court. She is discovered and pulled from her peaceful life in the desert, back to the kingdom’s capital of Beacon, where she must prepare for a war against the creatures of Grimm.

Along the way she must recruit new allies, including Knight Commander Ser Weiss Schnee, mysterious faunus rebel Blake Belladonna, dragon tamer Yang Xiao Long, young and inexperienced soldier Jaune Arc, the warrior priestess Pyrrha Nikos, the acolyte Lie Ren, and the fearless sailor Nora Valkyrie.

There are multiple romance options. Playing as Ruby, you can romance Weiss, Blake, Yang, or anyone in team JNPR.

There are five endings to the game, depending on your choices.

Summer Rose Court is a fan made game, not endorsed by Rooster Teeth at all, and completely divorced from the show. It is completely free to download and play. All we ask in return is you consider leaving a kind comment, a review, or share the game with your friends. 

Additionally, if you have never watched or even heard of RWBY, you should be able to play and enjoy this game with pretty much 0 context. You just probably won't get some of the inside jokes.

The game is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. 

We also have a soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/summer-rose-court

If you have any issues or run into any bugs, please leave us a comment here or send an email with a screenshot / traceback text to srcdevteam@gmail.com


During the hiatus between Volumes 1 & 2, a group of about thirty fans got together and said, "Wouldn't it be neat to make a visual novel? And make it really gay? With like lots of different endings and branching paths and stuff? I mean how hard could it be?"

Four years later, we realized, "Pretty f***ing hard, actually." 

We'd like to extend our greatest thanks to tumblr user Dori for creating the initial art and concept for Summer Rose Court. Without them kickstarting the project, this would have never launched. Dori is the artist who drew the Ruby & Weiss sprites, AKA one of the pieces of art you'll see for the majority of the game. We're deeply grateful to them for being the one to start this.

We grew a lot in this period of time, and this project is a labor of love. No money exchanged hands during the development of this game— only dedication, and what spare time we could offer.

Summer Rose Court was always a passion project. All the labor involved in making it was free, and legally we would be in hot water with Rooster Teeth if we charged money for it. 

If anyone is asking you money for any "Summer Rose Court projects", they are not affiliated with us. None of that money would go towards anyone who actually worked on the game. The original team has disbanded, and we are not working on any tie-ins, dubs, expansions or sequels.

Thank you, all of you, for your patience over the last four years. 

We kept moving forward. Thank you, Monty.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(55 total ratings)
AuthorSummer Rose Studios
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsFangame, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, LGBT, rwby, Yuri
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


src-win-linux.zip 326 MB
Version 1.0.4 Aug 11, 2018
src-osx.zip 308 MB
Version 1.0.4 Aug 11, 2018

Development log


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Só estou esperando a versão Android, espero que venha.

Android nunca virá. desculpe!

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This was genuinely really well done. While not perfect, a lot of the writing was interesting, and while I don't agree with how everything was done, it was clear that a large amount of time and effort was put into the script. The love for RWBY and Monty Oum was palpable by the end.

The visual direction on most non-character art was surprisingly well done. Most character art was...not good.

Why the hell did you get super racist and change people's skin color, though? That's not okay. You can't just 'decide' to make someone a different race.


who's skintone do you mean??? blakes? yangs, which purely makes sense because in this VN she lives in the DESERT.  it's artistic choice, let people color their art how they please. it adds charm instead of being "plain ghost pale".


OBVIOUSLY I meant Blake. Changing to tan isn't changing someone's RACE. But you bring up a good point. If Yang is tan because of the desert, why isn't Ruby?

Because they decided to go off-model, which shouldn't be okay, and they only did because they thought it would be okay to make Blake black. Why isn't Adam black? Why is he mostly accurate?

Because they decided to make Blake, the terrorist, a black person.

If someone is a victim of racial inequality, then by all means, if they feel a sense of kinship and connection to Blake, they absolutely deserve that. But changing her race is like saying race doesn't matter, and you're making her what YOU want her to be. Race is simultaneously something that does, yet does not matter. It shouldn't DEFINE a character, but is an undeniable piece. Changing it is a slippery fucking slope.

In live action, it's okay to change someone's race. A drawn artform has no excuse.

bro they are fictional characters and blake (and all the faunus, actually) were already 1:1 a conversation about racism and systemic oppression in the original series. also i think you're projecting heavily onto the dev being racist by calling blake a terrorist when she's not in the show, nor has she been described as being a terrorist in the description here. she's called a rebel. let me guess, you think real world antifa are terrorists too?

because calling a systemically oppressed group of people terrorists for standing against said oppression totally isn't racist. have you even WATCHED rwby? or have any actual braincells?


I was talking about Blake being a terrorist IN RWBY. 

The Black trailer is literally her committing a terrorist act.

I haven't watched RWBY? I've forgotten more about RWBY than you ever learned. Like how the train heist is responsible for Weiss fighting the armor Geist.

You absolutely moved so many goal post, believing I'm against antifa.

For someone who accuses others of having no braincells, your reading comprehension is child-level.

People like you are why engaging with the FNDM is so tedious.


Absolutely fantastic game. It's a shame that this is the only RWBY visual novel/fangame out there (jpde doesnt exist it cant hurt me), but this is more than enough for scratching that content itch during long hiatuses. The storyline is great, even giving me new ideas for my own projects and writing, and the characters are very well written. My only complaint is the very inconsistent character art, but that's not really enough to diminish my enjoyment. 

Penny Best Girl/10


I'm incredibly late to playing this game but I have to say that it was truly incredible. The world-building was incredibly rich and compelling, and I fell in love with the majority of the characters. (it was hard to pick a route!) I sobbed my eyes out at the ending. This really is a beautiful thing you've all created. I've just finished my first playthrough and I'm looking forward to seeing all the other things this game has to offer. Replaying this through one day in the future once the intricacies have faded from my mind is something I look forward to greatly. I'll certainly never forget my time with this game and the amazing concepts and writing within inspire me to make something of my own.

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This is such a great game. The plot is so GOOD, I spent 20 hours trying to  get every line of writing possible, and it was so worth it. Some lines just knock you over. The characters are all amazingly written. Plus the beautiful music (also enhancing the horror aspect), the different art styles be it landscapes or character designs ! They're all intricated so beautifully (...like rose vines), the result is a true piece of art.
The dedication, the teamwork that clearly went into it especially shines in the ending, which had me in tears.

Also this is the first VN in which I enjoyed every romance route, plus the poly "routes" (involving Ruby or not !) are so heartwarming.

SRC will always have a warm place in my heart. Thank you so much to everyone involved !


This game is amazing. Did the Pyrrha romance route, was not disappointed! Everything was adorable. Only issue is that there is not, for some unknowable reason, 18,000 medieval Ruby/Pyrrha AUs. :P Great work, I loved the game, and the plot twists were compelling and awesome.


Just finished the game and I am beyond overwhelmed. I loved every single thing from the characters, writing, story progression, romance (of course ;)) and more. Thank you for this


Idk how I found this amazing game and I guess it doesn't matter, but I really love ya'll take on the RWBY-verse, I found it really interesting especially the whole spirit attuning themselves to humans bit, reminded me alot of Naruto! (Crescent is the real MVP, shes amazing!)  XD

And the soundtrack is just... hmm JUCY! *Insert Pacha meme here*

Also extra points for sneaking in that Duke Nukem reference... ;3

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Oh my god I absoloutly adore this game!

I Got through my first playthrough tonight and got the best ending w/ Weiss. Honestly it was spectacular and I have thoroughly enjoyed this game to the nth degree

The only issue with the game in my opinion is the inconsistent art style, but after a hot minute you get used to it and hardly, hardly, effects the quality of the game as a whole

I am going to miss this game, even if I can completely replay it, it wont be the same, thats how good this was!

The story and worldbuilding was great, the backgrounds stunning, the humor witty and enjoyable, if not.. vulgar at times.

Best thing about this game, hands down, no debate, the music. The battle music the first time hearing it was tense, I loved the ballroom music and the distorted version of the games main theme was chilling to an unholy extent, well done composers!

Thank you for making this game, Thank you for doing such a splendid job. Thank You and Keep Moving Forward.

Ps. Is Myrtenaster alright? It was never stated at the end of the game and I do not want her to have a sad Swansong. Im sorry.

PPs. Do you have the music notes to the games main theme, cause damn its good and I want to jam it out on a piano sometime


Thanks so much for such a thoughtful comment!

Myrtenaster is fine, she's just grumpy she needs to hang around her ex-wife Crescent Rose.

We don't have musical notation for any of the songs. Sorry!

trying to play on chrome book, don't know how to lunch the game, send help please

it doesn't run on chrome book, sorry :(


I just wanted to say that I'm still enjoying this game as much as when I first found it, especially with all the effort that was put into it. I hope everyone who made it is doing well, that you all are doing well, and that you all keep doing what you enjoy.

We're doing hunky dory, thanks for thinking of us!

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Ok so i just finished a play through, in which i apparently majorly(No, i'm not saying royally cause puns are not my cup of tea) fucked myself over. Apparently you're not supposed to think big picture and put your Kingdom at risk, aka do NOT free Roman's 'innocent' man. That apparently sets up the bad ending, because Blake leaves, followed by Weiss. In short, do not let anybody leave, be slightly selfish, and don't think big picture.

To summarize, i spent 30+ hours on this game, trying to go for ladybug ship, ended up getting stuck in Luna Fracta's realm, with Weiss in Michglas, Blake gone, Yang having vanished from screen time schedule, Pyrrha having gone to help her people out, and with a polyship between Ruby, Ren, and Nora.

Any tips for keeping the court together? Or at least the 'key' court members.

This might not be your intention but we're SO glad someone betrayed Blake so that you could read the worst end we wrote

Anyway for best end

-- Follow this walkthru to keep Weiss, ( https://xekstrin.tumblr.com/post/176757933648/weiss-walkthrough  ) 

-- Don't betray Blake (aka side with her over Roman) 

-- make sure you free the prisoner from the coffin in the basement,

-- Pyrrha doesn't want to be a priestess, she thinks she needs to be. She wants you to tell her you need her more.

-- What you do with CR and Luna Fracta is up to you, you can still get the good end no matter what fate you deal them

Good luck babe

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Okay, i've done that. And now i'm stuck wondering something.

Was the player meant to die in Luna Fracta's realm saving Qrow? Cause i did that, twice now. One was the betraying Blake, the other, i saved Qrow and was trapped in her realm. Again i didn't keep key members, but i kept Pyrrha, Yang, Blake, Ren, and Nora. But Weiss is in Michglas, and Ren is Nora's adviser. But what have i been doing wrong? I would really like to know because i had to start from Act 1, and have since gotten a bad ending, again.(Now of course, i'm remembering to quick save at certain points)

Did you free the prisoner in the basement?

And did you follow the walkthrough to keep Weiss?

Weiss needs to come back from Michglas after she gets poisoned, it sounds like you didn't get her back.

(Also, the skip function will fast-forward through scenes you have read while pausing things you haven't seen before, we highly recommend it for people trying to play multiple routes.)


Hi! I actually downloaded this game back in January! I've finished it a lot, and recently started playing it again because it's amazing, and something I definitely remember thinking even at the start, is that the soundtrack fucking slaps. It's amazing, and I guess what I was wondering was if there was a way to access just the audio files? And play them? To be honest, I really really want to put the soundtrack on my phone so I can listen to it at school. It's an amazing game, with amazing musical accompaniment. 


We have a soundcloud actually. We should probably put that like in the main bio.

Thanks so much for the kind words! SRC was a labor of love.


Hey, hope you guys are having a good day. I was just curious if there was any possibility, now or in the future, if you guys would consider porting this to mobile.

Hello! Thanks for your comment. The team who worked on Summer Rose Court has gone their separate ways since we completed the game one year ago. No further edits, ports, sequels, expansions, or changes are likely for the foreseeable future. We're sorry you can't play the game on mobile. 

("How are you answering comments then?" there's 1-2 people who go over this account from time to time and we try to reply to stuff when we can c: )

Hey, I know this is an old game... or, semi-old game, but I was wondering if I could write a version of this with my own characters as a way to promote this amazing game, I would keep every original characters you guys put in, I just want a creative way to promote this game and I have a few ideas of how to squeeze in my characters in it XD

It would be on DeviantArt, and I could link it back to you if you wanted... just want to get your permission on it, this is an amazing game and I want to get more people to play it ^^

Certainly! Go ahead and write whatever you want! We love seeing fanfic. Thanks!


I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying this visual novel you and you team are making, and that I appreciate all the effort that you all put into making them. I hope life treats you all well, that you all have a nice day, and that you all keep doing what you enjoy. P.S. This is a video game right?

I wanna start out and say I love this game so much. I've told all my friends about it and got them to download and play too! I've gotten every good end for every romance route... Expert Penny. 

She does have an ending, right? No matter what I pick, she's never a dancing option the second time Glynda asks. I love Nuts And Dolts and wanna make it happen. Especially with how adorable mine and her interactions are!

She definitely does. (Sorry for the late response.) We know Kuribayashi on youtube just finished a Lets Play where they romanced Penny! 

Question... How do I keep Weiss? I have tried a bunch of different things, but I can never seem to keep Weiss through her mission. I am totally confused, and the old walkthrough no longer exists, sadly.


During Weiss recruitment

Your Grace...

I'll do what I have to do

Ask for an explanation

Don't Die

Speak Up

I would be honored to have Ser Schnee join me

During Pyrrha recruitment

If you talk to weiss, be nice to her / care for her wounds

During Weiss Loyalty (AKA WEISS GETS POISONED)

Trust her <3 Be sincere (it's not too flirty and it gives a decent amount of Weiss points)

A lot of people (including the people who made the game) have difficulty keeping Weiss, but these selections should work. Let us know if they don't!

The crazy thing is, that was actually exactly what I was trying out.


I was finally able to beat the game. Thanks so much for the help!


finally did it!❤️❤️. Took me a long time, but did it. 







There is no need to thank me. This was actually my way of saying thank you to all of you since you do not take donations. Seriously though, The love and care that all of you had put into Summer Rose Court really shows, and it makes me love it more. So this cosplay is kinda a tribute to all of you and your hard work. 

So thank you, all of you for, the experience that you have given me. It was my pleasure to make something baised on your work. 😁♥️♥️♥️

My other game progress got deleted a few months ago, so I waited to get a new one. I'm going to start again

Good luck!

Soon 😉

This is beautiful and I'm dying.

I honestly didn't have super high expectations when I downloaded this but now I'd say it's one of the best VNs I've ever played. The writing is fantastic. The art is fantastic. The shipping is fantastic.

...and honestly that's all stuff I would have said without the poly pairings but you did that and now you've won my heart forever.

Thank you for this. 

Holy moly!! So amazing!!! 🤩🤩🤩 I need to gather my friend(s) and make our own project....!!!!! Keep it strong guys!!

Hello, I was wondering how to open the application. Don't get me wrong I know how, but it doesn't seem to open. I already downloaded the zip files and extract it, bu when I try to open the application it just won't budge. The cursor would display the circle thingy that shows that it's loading, but after like a minute or so it just won't open. Does the application need some sort of compatibility from the Windows? I am excited to play this VN but ya know, the problem I'm having. Could you please help me?

(1 edit)

Just to make sure we're on the same page: if you're on Windows, you'll want to open this file:

Screenshot of the Windows 10 file explorer after Summer Rose Court is unzipped. summer-rose-court.exe is highlighted.
Screenshot of the Windows 10 file explorer after Summer Rose Court is unzipped. summer-rose-court.exe is highlighted.

As far as I know, there is no special compatibility mode required, but it doesn't hurt to try.

To check compatibility mode:

  1. Right-click on summer-rose-court.exe > Properties
  2. Click the Compatibility tab

From here you can choose to run the compatibility mode troubleshooter or manually select the compatibility mode.

Screenshot of the Compatibility properties of summer-rose-court.exe
Screenshot of the Compatibility properties of summer-rose-court.exe

Hello, I'm also someone who has been a part of the JPDE community for a little while now and learned about this project from the JPDE Discord about a week ago and I wanted to give my thoughts.
When I first looked up the game I will admit I was underwhelmed, I've never been part of a project such as this but I could not help but be a bit amused by what I first thought (though I no longer believe this) was poorly made art and a lazily written story and I had actually intended to stop playing all together around 30-45 minutes in but I had nothing else to do and so I continued... and continued and continued starting the game at around 10 pm and not stopping till 3 in the morning. I just now finished the game the day after and, while I think there is certainly room for critique I had realized as I played I had been unfair to your team and had begun to look past the problems I saw and ended up invested in the game and thoroughly enjoying myself all the way to the very end with a feeling of satisfaction and happiness at the game I just played.
I was honestly surprised to have changed my tune to such a large degree from the beginning of this game to its end but there's something very endearing about this project and I can feel the passion in it as I read the lines and look at the characters and it brings a smile to my face. I've begun recommending Summer Rose Court to my friends because the dedication and care put into it is inspiring and heartwarming, especially as someone who was deeply upset by Monty's passing, so I wanted to share this project as a way of thanks for helping to continue his story through your game.
I sincerely hope that you don't feel insulted by my, admittedly, callous opening thoughts because as much as I may critique the game I can say without a second thought that when I look back on my experience I will do so with a great smile.
Thank you very much for creating Summer Rose Court and I wish you all the best of luck in your future work wherever that may be.
Please remember, to always keep moving forward.
P.S. Ser Schnee is best girl

Yeah, a few people have had a similar knee-jerk reaction to our game, which we find unfortunate but understandable. Ultimately though, the support and comments we've been receiving have been overwhelmingly positive. We're all very humbled! 

( Amusingly enough, even the loudest detractors actually seem to really enjoy the game when they give it a chance. Maybe we should have a special testimonials section? ;P )

We had a target audience we wanted to reach, and we definitely reached them. More than anything we were inspired by Monty to take a leap and just DO IT. We are very satisfied with the end result because it shows we can commit to finishing a project of this scale. Monty respected hard work. He lived and breathed it, even through failure, because he knew a mistake was just an opportunity to learn something new.

So yes, we are moving forward. Much stronger than before.

I'm curious though, you're listed as a studio and referring to yourself as a group. Are you planning on doing more projects, whether RWBY focused or not, in the future?

As Summer Rose Studios, we don't currently have plans for any future projects, RWBY-focused or otherwise. But a few of us are working on future projects as individuals.

(1 edit)

Hello there! I heard about this game while following another RWBY fan game, JPDE. I'm super glad I had the opportunity to play the game. I'm already working on a cosplay based on Ruby's look, as well as creating Little Thorne. Anyway, I am very satisfied with the project. I got flashbacks to Dragon Age: Inqusition.  Penny is easily my favorite of all the pairings, Weiss coming in close in second place.  Thank you so much for creating this project. Is there anyway I can donate or send money? I feel like this game deserves some sort of payment.

-P.S. there could be a lot more story told here, even incorporating some more characters from the series...... maybe a possible sequel.... maybe

First off, thanks so much for playing the game! This comment is so kind and we really appreciate you taking the time to contact us!

(We've been keeping an eye on JPDE too and are cheering them on / wishing them the best of luck.)

If you make a cosplay you HAVE to let us know, we'll lose our minds, that would be so beyond awesome.

Dragon Age: Origins was one of our biggest inspirations making the game,  so we're also super glad you got that vibe! 

As for compensation, SRC is based on RWBY and so we don't feel comfortable accepting donations. It's not our IP. The best way to help us is to leave a kind comment or review (as you already did! thanks again!) and also to please share the game with your friends who might enjoy it.

PS: We know there's room for a sequel, we designed it that way. But we won't be making any more Summer Rose Court content. It's our hope that other fans might be inspired to take it upon themselves to carry on the torch with their own fics, art, or heck, maybe even a brand new game. Already a few people have written fics and posted them on AO3! We hope more people get inspired to create whatever makes them happy!

Truthfully, this game reignited my love for RWBY. I've been following SRC since I saw it on Xuunies and Xekstrin's tumblr. Especially, when the demo came out. I even remember asking Xekstrin if I could make lyrics for SRC because I was inspired by her song for it if I remember right, and ended up sending it on SRC's main blog instead by accident and forgetting to tag her because little me couldn't read right while half asleep. Hah, fun days. 

But yeah honestly, I recommend playing the game. The story telling is good, lots of romance routes. The characters are well pretty in character if I had to say. Though kinda wished there was a Purruby ending, that would've been really nice to see. Anyways,  yeah really good game!

Alright beat the game, did all the pairings but Jaune's because I just don't care about him.
Nora/Ren's was my favorite, just everything about it was so cute and the ending felt satisfying. Weiss' was close but the ending just wasn't quite as satisfying with the spirits and all. Blake's and Penny's weren't far behind either, but Blake's path had Weiss and Yang thing that I didn't like, and Penny was kind of sad btu very cute.
Pyrrha's was my least favorite, I liked the path but after all the others it just felt kind of dull, nothing to make it stand out to me, Yang's kind of had that to but I liked Yang's struggle more.

I'm not that far in I think, I've only just gotten everyone, but I this game got me really hooked. At first I'll admit wasn't into it, I didn't like the art style, especially Yang, and the story felt very used up, but it really drew me into I, and by this point I want to just play it like 3 times over for different partners.
So thanks for the game.

Hello! Just finished ACT2 Part 1, the plot thickens! I did a play thru video of it, if you want me to stop posting them onto here then just let me know!

Oh wow! Thank you so much. Please feel free to keep posting them here, we're so excited and happy that you're enjoying the game! We're pretty sure no one else has uploaded their playthroughs of the full game onto youtube yet! (Though there are a few videos of the demo!)


Is there anyway to date Blake and not get a horrible ending?? Am I just screwing up horrendously or is there no way to woo her and get an ending where Ruby gets trapped in the space between worlds?? please tell me she's super cute and i spent seven hours playing this because its really good and because blake is SUPER CUTE (in this writing i havent watched actual rwby in a long time and this prompts me to do it again) and i love her

It looks like you might not have kept Weiss. Using the skip function, try playing the game again and this time make sure you keep weiss!

Someone wrote a walkthrough to keep her right here

Weiss seems to be the most difficult to keep, but in order to get the good ending you need to keep EVERYONE. 

Good luck! Let us know what happens!



no windows?

yes windows

it just has linux and mac.

(1 edit)

It's right here my friend, the top option. Let me take a screenshot so that we're on the same page.

Linux and windows are right there packaged together.

Next to the penguin you can see a windows icon.

(1 edit)





my first ending:

"Ruby kills Luna Fracta, then she tells Crescent Rose they dont love each other, it's just a matter of convenience. Then, she lets Crescent Rose fade into they ley lines after coming back to the world and marries Weiss. Blake marries Yang, Jaune marries Pyrrha, Nora marries Ren....... and somehow they get a polyamorous relationship with Penny"


that NoraxRenxPenny one was really unexpected, but okay, I guess? :v 

it's not a bad one, just funny and unexpected, I cant see Ren and Nora in a relationship with Penny :v


Really enjoyed the story so far, just about to start Act 2 and am looking forward to seeing where this journey goes. Thankyou for making it available for us to play, I did a video of my playthru, i hope you don't mind

This is great! Thank you so much for sharing with us, we hope you enjoy the rest of the game!

Isn't there a fanfic with the same name? Awesome though

So good. loved every second of it. an experience im not likely to ever forget. 

: D

(1 edit) (+1)

Heyo, I really liked the game! (Though on my first playthrough, I got the bad end. RIP me.) Do you have any tips or whatnot for players? I'm not very good at VN's...

Edit: Nevermind! Got the good ending, just had to keep...ah, well, you know the rest. Loved the game!